Mindfulness and yoga

Mindfulness, the non-judgemental awareness of our moment-by-moment experience can allow us to develop a very different relationship to our pain; one that enables us to reduce the distress associated with living in pain and increase our sense of health and wellbeing.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that people who practice mindfulness meditation may also experience a reduction in  symptoms over time.  Other researched and documented health benefits include improved immune system function, lowered blood pressure and happier and calmer moods.

And unlike medication, mindfulness practice has no side-effects and is freely available to us at any time.  All we have to do is tune-in gently to our inner world.

With regular practice of mindfulness you may notice a sense of wellbeing unfold for you in ways that you would never have imagined possible!


“Intelligence is the door to freedom
and alert attention is the mother of intelligence”
Nisargadatta Maharaj



Jon Kabat-Zinn explains that acceptingh our bodies as they are isn’t so hard when you recognise how amazing they truly are, and that befriending them can do you a lot of good.





Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction  -  The Eight Week Course

Modelled closely on the Stress Reduction Programme at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society in the USA, this training takes you systematically through the development of mindfulness skills including awareness of the breath, body sensations, thoughts and emotions.

In a supportive group learning format you will gain experience of mindfulness and gentle yoga as well as education on the physiology of pain, and stress and how mindfulness meditation can change the way your brain and nervous system respond to these challenges.

What participants have to say about the 8 week course:-

This has been the best and most useful life skills course I have attended”   

This course has been a very useful 8 weeks in so many ways… I feel I have reached a very content place that I haven’t experienced for a long time…” 

Jane and all the participants have contributed to a wealth of growth and learning…  Jane provided a safe and comfortable environment for us to be ourselves and learn…”   

I have almost stopped the internal dialogue that judged every thought and action and am much more calm as a result of this”  

Personalised Mindfulness Training

An alternative option to the group programme is to learn mindfulness in a one-on-one session.  You will be provided with training in the same mindful awareness skills as in the group setting and the supporting CD’s, or MP3s to practice in your own time.

You can choose how many sessions you take and in what directions you want to develop your own practice within these sessions with Jane’s guidance and support.


Ease pain through yoga

Learning to move with the breath, bringing  awareness to the body and its needs through poses that rejuvenate the nervous system, muscles and connective tissue of the body can have wonderful health benefits.

Gentle and restorative yoga has been proven to be helpful for many chronic pain conditions, providing relief from both the pain itself and the associated stress related to living with chronic pain.

Jane runs gentle yoga courses through Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA.





Personalised Yoga

Because every one of us is unique and pain can affect us in different ways, Jane also offers one-to-one yoga. Having a few personalised sessions can help you to know  what poses are right for you, and how to practice them in a way that will enhance your movement without increasing pain.

Jane can show you how to develop your own yoga practice at home and to know what poses are safe for you in general yoga classes.  If you are specifically interested in personalised yoga sessions to help you to cope better with pain, illness or fatigue please make this clear when you book.